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云顶客户端登录官网   Passage 6

云顶客户端登录官网   Robert F. Kennedy once said that a country’s GDP measures “everything except that which makes life worthwhile.” With Britain voting to leave the European Union, and GDP already predicted to slow as a result, it is now a timely moment to assess what he was referring to.

云顶客户端登录官网   The question of GDP and its usefulness has annoyed policymakers for over half a century. Many argue that it is a flawed concept. It measures things that do not matter and miss things that do. By most recent measures, the UK’s GDP has been the envy of the Western World, with record low unemployment and high growth figures. If everything was going so well, then why did over 17million people vote for Brexit, despite the warnings about what it could do to their country’s economic prospects?

  A recent annual study of countries and their ability to convert growth into well-being sheds some light on that question. Across the 163 countries measured, the UK is one of the poorest performers in ensuring that economic growth is translated into meaningful improvement for its citizens. Rather than just focusing on GDP over 40 different sets of criteria from health, education and civil society engagement have been measured to get a more rounded assessment of how countries are performing.

  While all of these countries face their own challenges, there are a number of consistent themes. Yes, there has been a budding economic recovery since the 2008 global crash, but in key indicators in areas such as health and education, major economies have continued to decline. Yet this isn’t the case with all countries. Some relatively poor European countries have seen huge improvements across measures including civil society; income equality and the environment.

  This is a lesson that rich countries can learn: When GDP is no longer regarded as the sole measure of a country’s success, the world looks very different.

  So what Kennedy was referring to was that while GDP has been the most common method for measuring the economic activity of nations, as a measure, it is no longer enough. It does not include important factors such as environmental equality or education outcomes - all things that contribute to a person’s sense of well-being.

  The sharp hit to growth predicted around the world and in the UK could lead to a decline in the everyday services we depend on for our well-being and for growth. But policymaker who refocus efforts on improving well-being rather than simply worrying about GDP figures could avoid the forecasted doom and may even see progress.

  71.Robert F. Kennedy is cited because he ( ).

云顶客户端登录官网   A. praised the UK for its GDP.

云顶客户端登录官网   B. identified GDP with happiness.

  C. misinterpreted the role of GDP.

  D. had a low opinion of GDP.


  72.It can be inferred from Paragraph 2 that ( ).

云顶客户端登录官网   A. the UK is reluctant to remold its economic pattern.

云顶客户端登录官网   B. the UK will contribute less to the world economy.

  C. GDP as the measure of success is widely defied in the UK.

  D. policymakers in the UK are paying less attention to GDP.


  73.Which of the following is true about the recent annual study?( )

  A. It excludes GDP as an indicator.

云顶客户端登录官网   B. It is sponsored by 163 countries.

云顶客户端登录官网   C. Its criteria are questionable.

  D. Its results are enlightening.


  74.In the last two paragraphs, the author suggests that ( ).

云顶客户端登录官网   A. the UK is preparing for an economic boom.

  B. high GDP foreshadows an economic decline.

  C. it is essential to consider factors beyond GDP.

  D. it requires caution to handle economic issues.

云顶客户端登录官网   【答案】C。是非题。从最后两段可以看出GDP作为衡量一个国家云顶客户端登录官网的标准是远远不够的,还应该包括环境问题、云顶客户端登录官网问题。决策者不仅要看GDP数字,更要考虑到人民幸福问题,这样才能避免云顶客户端登录官网低迷实现发展。A选项,英国正在准备云顶客户端登录官网的繁荣;B选项,高的GDP是云顶客户端登录官网衰退的前兆;C选项,考虑GDP背后的因素很有必要;D选项,解决云顶客户端登录官网问题需要我们的小心。

云顶客户端登录官网   75.Which of the following is the best title for the text?( )

云顶客户端登录官网   A. High GDP But Inadequate Well-being, a UK lesson

  B. GDP figures, a Window on Global Economic Health

  C. Robert F. Kennedy, a Terminator of GDP

云顶客户端登录官网   D. Brexit, the UK’s Gateway to Well-being

云顶客户端登录官网   【答案】A。主旨题。全文以英国为例,讲述英国GDP指数高但人民依旧选择脱欧,说明GDP并不是衡量一个国家成功的唯一因素,而应该考虑到更多关于幸福的因素,例如环境、云顶客户端登录官网、社会等问题;A选项,从英国学到的一课:高GDP低幸福感;B选项,GDP指数,全球云顶客户端登录官网健康的窗口;C选项,肯尼迪,GDP终结者;D选项,英国脱欧,英国获得幸福感的通道。



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